Idle Hands


That was a horror movie, Idle Hands.  I don’t remember much of it, but it involved some lazy teenager who wound up with a possessed hand.  Or something.

Anyway.  Today’s writing goal was to print off Draft 2.5 so I can work on revisions, and I have to keep busy between batches of paper (tip: don’t buy a printer with a shallow paper tray if you’ll be printing documents over 50 pages long.  You have to stick around to keep refilling the tray.)  The tricky thing with zombie bowling it getting the pins to stay standing.  I managed to get only one shot (a strike, yay!) because I kept knocking all the silly pins down.

It’s supremely annoying when your printer doesn’t collate.  And number the pages in your word processor, not by hand.  It’ll save you some time.

Anyway, goal accomplished.  Printing off the 200+ pages took nearly two hours.  And I had only one little teeny fight with the printer, right at the beginning, and we sorted out our differences with only a few ink smudges left on my fingers.

Hole punches that will punch more than one page at a time are useful, too.  You can see my pages in the background there…the sections are clipped together with binder clips for the time being.

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