Science, Novels, and New Year’s Eve

Need another good reason to keep reading?  Thank the researchers at Emory University.  Turns out, getting lost in a good novel boosts your brain activity for up to five days after reading.  The effect is something like muscle memory, but with neurons.  

Reading also stimulates neurons associated with the activity you’re reading about, which may be how you’re able to feel like you’re experiencing the story alongside the protagonist.

Read more about it here:

Well, there are three hours left to 2013, and the cat’s come down to serenade me again.  Whether you’re already partying into 2014, or still waiting out the last few hours, I wish you a happy new year.  Have fun, stay safe, and may 2014 bring you joy, luck, and laughter.

I’ve got to go figure out what the cat wants this time.

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