Day Two: So Far, So Rewritten.


Necessity is the mother of invention.  Also, I didn’t have the time or money to pick up a new hole punch today.

Anyway, today’s goal was an hour of editing, with a specific emphasis on finding where I can play with language.

The reason is I realized yesterday that much of my manuscript is bare bones storytelling.  I’m using a lot of the same words and phrases because I’m being lazy.  I’m not having fun with language, or experimenting with evocative images to make my story more compelling.  There are a few places I’ve done so, but they’re too far apart to maintain momentum.

One challenge lies in how I’ve structured the points of view.  The story is told through three characters, and I need to maintain slight variations in each of their languages to maintain the different voices for each character. 

But today I decided that I really do hate the first half of the opening scene.  It’s just too blah.  I know why I’d written it that way: I was trying to establish the relationship between the character and her daughter.  The length might have worked better if I’d managed to work in more aspects of their relationship, aspects that come up a little later but that don’t fit into the opening scene. 

The second half of the scene isn’t too terrible.  So I rewrote the first half, or at least took a shot at rewriting it.

And I’m not going to think about (dread) rewriting that interview scene again.  Because Evan is going to co-operate this time.  Because I might be fond of him, but I will kill him off via demonic possession if necessary.

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