Long Day

Ah, I am so done for the day.

Good things: new hole punch, tidy and workable binder, new MLP travel mug ❤

Bad things: according to the cable menu, I’m supposed to be watching an Anthony Hopkins movie.  Jack Black and Ben Stiller are not Anthony Hopkins.  And the horse died 😦  

I did another hour of editing and rewriting today.  I’m on the hunt for adverbs, as they are evil, lazy language (but oh-so-habit-forming.)  I’m also re-working much of the descriptive passages in my effort to have more fun with language.  I think it’s working out okay.  We’ll see how I feel about the new passages tomorrow.

Also, Dell is odd.  I received the extra power cord for my laptop, but no laptop yet.  Maybe Monday?

I’m planning on a larger post about a few writing contests, but this one is coming up right quick.

24-Hour Short Story Contest

This is a quarterly contest hosted by Writers Weekly, and the first round of 2014 is on January 11.  You have to register ahead of time (there’s a $5USD charge) and at the start of the contest, you’ll be given the topic and the word count.  You then have 24 hours to plot, write, and submit your short story.  The top three winners get a cash prize and publication, and there are door prizes up for grabs, too. 
Website: http://writersweekly.com/misc/contest.php

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