Day Four: Better Late Than Never

So yesterday’s goal was another hour of editing. 

It consisted of an hour of me figuratively bashing my head against the table, wrestling with a brief descriptive passage about The Black Dog.  I hate just about every word I wrote, but those were the only ones coming.  I got three sentences down.  I even dragged out two books with passages about The Black Dog, seeking inspiration, but that didn’t help much.

So after the hour, I decided to quit for the night and read for a bit.

Reading helped, I think.  I hadn’t read any novels for a couple of days, and I think my creative side was just cramped up.  Because I’m still struggling today, but not nearly so badly.  Maybe I should add a resolution to read for 30 minutes every day before writing.  Might help me get through my to-read pile, too.

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2 Responses to Day Four: Better Late Than Never

  1. This is a great post for writers to read, and it inspired me! I have a literary blog myself, and I value great writing tips. Thanks!

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