Day Five: Early Start, Early Finish

Hooray for days off of work.

I was able to get started on my hour of editing/rewriting earlier than usual.  Well, it was roughly an hour, all together.  I’ve been using the timer on my phone to get the hour in, but today my work was broken up a bit more.  A bit of business consulting with my mother, a bit of cooking, a bit of blogging…and the editing and rewriting fitted in around there.

I got through that descriptive passage about the Black Dog.  Mostly.  I might go back and add in a few more details I’d taken out, whenever my new laptop arrives and I get the chance to start typing the third draft.  Not entirely sure there.

The adverb slaughter is going well, though.  So that’s a plus.  As is tightening up the language in general.  I hadn’t realized how boring it was in parts.

So I’ve spent the rest of my day watching movies on Space.  The current offering is Starship Troopers.

Tomorrow, I press on with the editing and rewriting after I get home from work.

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