Day Eight: Grooving to Music

Yeah…today was a David Garrett day.

I worked on editing Draft #2.5 for roughly an hour and a half today, and got a fair bit done.  I think the reason why I didn’t make many editing marks last night is because I’ve written and rewritten the dreaded interview scene way too many times.  It’s finally in an order that works and feels like a routine thing Evan’s done hundreds of times.  Which should make Evan happy (I may have issued death threats when I was beating an earlier draft into shape.)  So just some light proofreading, which Evan seems to agree with.  I wound up finishing out the day while chilling to some classic Beethoven.

There are only two days left to Draft #2.5.  My new computer should be here next week or so (the storms down south delayed shipment.)  So I need to find something to keep me busy for a couple of days.  Saturday and Sunday will be the 24 Hour Short Story Competition.  Maybe I’ll work on some background stuff for another plot, or put together a short story.  Not sure.  Maybe I’ll meditate over some Beethoven and Paganini.

But now I’m off to get crafty and play with some glitter glue.

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