Days Nine and Ten: Countdown to the Contest

You know you’re a writer when you stop reading in the middle of a sentence, bolt out of bed, and rush around the house looking for your notepad, because you have the perfect first line for writing/rewriting a scene, and you have to get it written down before it leaves you.

That was my morning today. 

I’m actually a little glad that I didn’t get a chance to blog last night, as today’s work ties in with yesterday.

Yesterday, I edited the second-last “day” of Draft #2.5,  but the beginning of the first scene was bothering me.  There was a whole lot of telling going on.  But I couldn’t figure out how to show what I needed to say, since Deirdre was the only character in the room at the time.  And I was dead-set on keeping every teensy bit of information,  even though it really doesn’t come up much later on.

So while I was reading a completely unrelated novel this morning, the perfect first line popped into my head, and I knew how I was going to rewrite the section to show the story instead of tell it.

And I like it.  Showing the story has allowed me to play with the language more,  and axe the adverbs.  So it’s a win all around.

Tomorrow is the 24 Hour Short Story Contest.  There’s not too much I can do to prep for it, since they’re so careful about the topic.  But I’ve been reviewing my stock of characters, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll get to play with a character that I’ve already begun crafting.  Use the short story as a chance to play around with the character and his or her backstory, or something.  That should save me some time that I can devote to plotting and crafting the story. 

There’s also the fact that I have to go in to work for four hours during the contest period.  With walking time, that makes about four and a half hours that I can’t write.  But I’ve stocked up on caffeine to enable an all-nighter.  There is no way I’m not finishing this contest challenge!  (And hey, if I can bu llshit my way through three English essays in two hours, I can craft a short story in a day, right?  Right?)

(I am so screwed.)

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