Day Twelve: Fake Champagne and Roses

Do I have a reason to celebrate today?

Eh, maybe.  Maybe I just had a bottle of fake champagne (apple-cranberry, yum) in the fridge, and fake roses awaiting glitter.

I like Sundays.  They’re my guaranteed leisurely day.  The rest of the week, I’m cramming my  hour of writing in between Work and Exhaustion.  Some days it works fine, other days…well, not so much.  But Sundays…

Like today.  I did about an hour’s worth of editing (I’m not including the hour and a half of writing I did in the wee hours, trying to finish off my contest entry) but it was spread out.  I worked for about twenty minutes, and then did some dishes.  Then I watched some TV, then worked again, then made dinner…it was good.  Relaxing.

Oh, about the contest.  I got my confirmation email this morning, so yay, it’s all good.  Now for the roughly six-week wait.  If Writers Weekly doesn’t run it, I’ll post it here.  I’m actually rather proud of it.

Now I just have to wait another week for the next Sunday.  Oh well.  I’m gonna go play with glitter glue and roses.

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