Day Fourteen: Character Building

This is gonna be short, because I’m tired.

Today, I worked on the antagonist for another story that’s in the plotting stages.  I’m thinking I might get this novel into shape in time for NaNo and give it a serious go this year.  But the antagonist is a big hole of nothing right now.  Poor guy doesn’t even have a name yet.  (Maybe that’s why he’s an antagonist?)  Most of the time was spent staring at the popcorn ceiling, tying to imagine him, who he is, what he does, all that fun stuff.

Anyway, I still haven’t named the guy, but I think I have a slightly better understanding of him as a character, and how he’ll develop through the plot.

I also had an idea for his motivation that could open the novel up into a trilogy…should I get an idea of a middling storyline to occupy the second book…and a big finale to be the third book.  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself there.

And I just realized something I can try to further develop the character.  Excellent.  Now, if only I can remember it for tomorrow…

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