Day Fifteen: What to Do, What to Do…

I’m so lost today.

I tried to do a little character developing, maybe get that antagonist a name.  Still no go.  But I think I’ve narrowed it down to the consonant sounds I want.  Now to turn it into a friggin’ name.

Today was also the day they tried to deliver my laptop.  But of course, it’s the only day in the last several weeks that no one was home at all.  Thanks, guys!  Great timing!

So I decided to peruse some of my old files and maybe work on an old, old project.  I dabbled a bit in a couple of them, correcting typos and whatnot.  And then I stumbled across a personal, cathartic piece from about a year ago.  And realized that I must finish this piece of writing.  Not to do anything with it, really.  It’s a piece that exists because writing is my only real outlet for dumping my rage and frustration at other people, onto fictional people who will take my abuse without complaint.  And really, if I did anything with this piece, I could end up with libel problems, so…NO THANK YOU.  It will be staying in my personal files (but I will share it with the other person involved in the frustration.  She already likes the beginning.)  The story is also in no way suitable for a younger audience.

Let that be a lesson to all you non-writers who likely aren’t reading this blog: never, never piss off a writer.  We are creative in the way we kill off make-believe people who are in no way loosely based on you.

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