Day Sixteen: Fitting the Work In

Time for another quick post!  Because I have to leave for work right away.

Today’s writing kind of got crammed in between sleeping in (fabulous, even though I woke up from my dream right before I got to eat the chocolate 😦 ), work, and my mom wanting me to do dishes.  All because there’s a 10pm showing of Devil’s Due tonight, so I won’t be getting home until late, and I have to work early tomorrow.

Horror movie and chocolate…gonna be a good Thursday!

I sketched out some areas that I still need to work on, and then latched onto an idea for one of the scenes.  Well, a sketchy idea, anyway.  When I actually tried to write the scene, nothing came.  But hey, it’s a starting point.

This working for an hour thing is taking some getting used to.  I normally set a word limit goal, so I have physical evidence of the work done.  So some days I’d be done in an hour, some days it would take eight.  But I had something tangible.  Working for an hour means I sometimes spend a lot of that time staring into space, trying to organize my thoughts.  So some days I produce a lot, some days I don’t.  It’s odd.  But I also like it, because there’s less pressure and a definitive end time.  So…hopefully, I’ll get used to it over the course of the year.

Anyway, I have to run to work.  Hooray.  Another boring day in retail.

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