Book Binge


I went to the book store today for the first time in over two weeks.

I made it a challenge not to go to the book store for an entire pay period, and I did it.  Which is probably why I still had money left over.

I am so terribly addicted to buying books.  The hunt through the shelves, the possessiveness, the feel of a new book in my hands…mmmm, delicious.  My bank account, on the other hand, doesn’t appreciate my addiction.  It’s bad.  Every time I walk in there, I buy something.  And not just one thing, oh no.  I’m talking $60-80 worth of books.  And the only time I buy just a single book is when I have no time to browse, and I’m looking for a particular title (or I have an unsuccessful browse, which is terribly rare.)

My “to read” pile is staggering.  Or rather, it would be, if all the books were in one place.  Everywhere I look, there are books I’ve bought that are waiting to be read.  (This is a big reason I don’t have a library card.  Too many late fees.)

The one time I actually managed to put a (tiny) dent in the pile was when I was between jobs, so I was a little more careful with my money.  (I also had a lot more time on my hands to read.)  I’m trying really hard to become an adult about money, and while I’m not the kind of girl who spends $800 a month on clothes, I’m still a compulsive shopper.  And working in a mall doesn’t help that.

And honestly, working on my book buying addiction is a little easier on me (emotionally) than giving up chocolate.  At least I still have books at home.

That being said, one of the books I bought gave me a new idea for a novel project!

But my new challenge is to stay away from the book store for the rest of this pay period, and then the next.  Which means no new books until Valentine’s Day…which might just kill me.

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