New Computer Lovins

Hee hee!

I took it out of the box today…!  So lovely.  AND I got to name it.  I’m kind of regretting the name now…so I might see if I can change it.

But I don’t have to mash the mouse buttons, and none of the keys have been worn shiny yet.  And the internet is faster on it, even though my WiFi has been spotty of late.  So in love with this machine.  Except for a weird ridge around the edge that digs into my forearms when I’m typing.  (I know, I’m bad and rest my arms on the laptop.  Shush.)

I just have to get used to the new operating system, but I’ve heard there are some good YouTube videos on it.  Tomorrow, tomorrow.

For now, I’m watching yet another movie set in France where every actor (except Milla Jovovich) has an English accent.  Three cheers for historical accuracy!  Huzzah!

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