Monday Brain

Mondays in general suck.  Except for holiday Mondays.  I like those ones.  But today is not a holiday Monday (not in Canada, anyway) so I have a case of Monday Brain.  And I think the universe is conspiring against me again.

I’d forgotten that a concert I’ve been looking forward to for three months was tonight.  Even though I glanced at the reminder last night.  I did remember around 2pm, so all is well so far.  The concert has basically been what’s kept me going for the rest of the day.  And I even thought that I’d be able to run home, change, get my hour of writing done, and get to the bus stop.  That way, I wouldn’t have to stay up late writing, as I have the morning shift again tomorrow.

Which, if I’d gotten to leave on time, could have been the case.

Ten minutes before the end of my shift, one of our regulars walked in.  I don’t think he’s ever bought anything, but he’s this super-nice older man from Bulgaria who visits when he’s on his days off from the oil field.  He’s fun to talk to.  I hadn’t seen him since before the holidays, because he was heading home to Bulgaria for a couple weeks.  The unfortunate thing is he likes to talk, so I didn’t get to leave the store until ten past.  I got home with almost exactly an hour until I have to leave for the concert.

And then I get home, and my mom’s in the process of potentially buying a retail store.  I’ve been kind-of-sort-of helping her with it (as I am the official-unofficial consultant for her home business.  She doesn’t always take my advice, and when I get paid, it’s usually in corsets.  My laptop was partly payment for working for her.)  She met with some people about locations to lease today, so she had news to share.

So it’ll be another late hour of writing for me.

I am going to be miserable tomorrow.


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