Day Twenty-Three: App Dabbling

I tried the other new writing/editing app today.  

This one’s called WritePlus, and again, it’s free to download.  

I like this one a lot better.  There are a few formatting options, a scroll bar appears when your text gets too long for the window (though the screen will pop up to the top of the page if you indent your new line, but this is only mildly annoying as it will jump back down once you start typing) and you can indent your paragraphs (a little.)  It’s a plain interface like Write, but with a formatting bar at the top.  It’s still designed to provide as few distractions as possible (though it was annoying because I had to navigate my way back to my web browser to look up the name for a certain crystal) but it offers more than a platform for free-writing.   

It also saves as plain text documents.  I’ll have to try opening a Word document through it later, as this one would work better as an editing app, since you can actually move through the text with some ease.

One thing I hate about both programs is that they use a sans serif font.  I hate using sans serif fonts for long blocks of text (even here on WordPress, it bugs me.)  My default always has been and always will be Times New Roman.  So I think the bulk of my writing will still be in Word, but I might keep WritePlus around as a free-writing tool.  I might wind up uninstalling Write.  I’ll decide later.

I worked on a fragment of the second Deirdre/Evan novel, which I won’t share here as it’s something of a wrap-up after the climax.  Just playing around with a scene fragment for a story I haven’t worked on for most of the last year.  It feels a little thin right now.  Probably because I have other notes about this scene written down in my notebook that I just don’t recall right now, and because I haven’t written down the rest of the novel, providing other unanticipated threads for finishing up during this scene.  

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