Day Twenty-Five: Tricksters and Hips

Yeah, so I shouldn’t have let that Trickster take up residence in my head yesterday.  Usually when an idea gets its hooks in, I can satisfy it with a little word doodle, and return to other projects.  Not this guy.  (Or girl.  I’m wondering if I can’t make him female.  Or gender-fluid.  Loki was rather gender-fluid.  Hmm.)

So I got down a blank journal and started researching Tricksters.  If I do run with this guy, I don’t want to base him/her on one specific Trickster, but rather pull the common elements from several and craft a new character around them.  I’ve already looked into Anansi, Brer Rabbit, and Coyote, and aside from being very clever, they all have a habit of creating things through lateral thinking, shape-shifting, and a knack for scuttling out of tight situations.  Traditionally, Tricksters seem to be masculine for the most part, but why couldn’t mine be female?  I know many crafty, tricksy ladies.

Which led to me sitting on the couch at an odd angle for the better part of an hour, which did something weird to my hip.  Ow.

And then I proceeded to join in on goat-spamming a racist Facebook page, earning myself my very first ban.  All in all, a delightful Saturday evening, I think.  Especially since I started the day with weird dreams, a headache, and a sore back.

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