Day Twenty-Six: a Spider, a Fox, a Coyote, and a Raven Walk into a Bar…

I worked on more Trickster research today.  Not that I’m done researching it, but I finished with the articles from one particular text.  I’ve got one more to go through.

So far, I’ve pull out several traits that seem to be common across most, if not all, mythological Tricksters.  I’ve always looked at them as neutral or chaos-leaning neutral characters.  They like to stir up trouble, most often to frustrate or damage someone they don’t like.  But they’re a lot more benevolent than I expected (except for how Christian myths view the Fox, that’s primarily evil/chaotic.)  Most if not all of them are directly involved in creation.  In North America, there’s a myth where Fox was the first creature, and he was lonely, so he howled, and Coyote appeared.  Together, the two of them created the world through dance (also a common theme.)  They also tend to steal fire and teach mankind how to use it.  So yeah, they like to have a little fun, and they usually do what they want to do because they feel like it, but they’re not all bad.  And if your bribe’s good, they might even help you.  So I might just dial back on the demented aspect of my Trickster.  Turn it into more of a short temper, maybe?  Threaten him, his honour, his king, his court, and you’re done.  Otherwise, it depends on his mood at that moment.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to link my Trickster to one particular animal.  Possibly the Raven, but maybe the Spider.  Or maybe I’ll just make him a general shape shifter.  Actually, now that I think about it, I’m liking the Raven more and more.  Hmm.

I’m also narrowing down his physical appearance.  Or, at least his appearance sans glamour.  I want him to be Unseelie, but not Dark Elf, so while I like the idea of dark skin, I want to stay away from pale hair.  But that means his hair would be dark, too, and wouldn’t he then just disappear into the shadows?  And what colours would he wear?  Would he wear the same colours as the Unseelie court?  Or would he want to stand out?  I think I might do a little research on the tradition of court jesters.

Ah well, more work for tomorrow.

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