Days Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight: He’s Clue-ing for Looks!

I was too tired to update last night.  I stayed up stupidly-late watching the first two episodes of Sherlock, and drunk Sherlock is the funniest thing.  So my hour of “writing” yesterday was mostly just watching Sherlock stumble around drunk and attempt to give a best man’s speech.  I did a little character development work.  Sorta.  C’mon, it was drunk Sherlock!

Tonight, though I did some actual work.  I did a little more research on Tricksters, hitting up Wikipedia to scrounge up a list of names.  So I might look some of them up, I might not, depending on what I need.  Right now, I’m playing around with plot ideas.  I have a loose idea for a second major character, and I think I’ll use the whole djinni-storming-the-castle bit as something of a prologue.  I wrote his interaction with the Seelie Queen today.

I’m really liking writing this character.  Those who are a little off-kilter are always fun, especially when they enjoy taking abrupt turns on their thoughts.  And what’s awesome about this guy is he’s totally aware of what he’s doing.  He’s cultivated this image of being loopy, but everything he says is designed to piss people off.

And he apparently did something to the Queen’s favourite songbirds.  I’m not entirely sure what, but it just came out in the writing, and I’m a little wary to explore that bit.  I’m pretty sure the birds wound up dead.  Anyway.  I can just not know what he did, right?

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