Day Thirty: Wallowing in Disappointment

I heard Coriolanus is fantastic.  Brilliant acting, minimalist set, fantastic directing.

I, however, didn’t get to see it.

We arrived at the theatre and handed over our tickets to the ticket-tearer-guy, and he told us something about how the file they’d received was missing an hour of the show, so the showing was cancelled.

Judging from the reviews posted on NT Live’s Facebook page and the event posting, this was the only theatre with this problem.  Sad sad.

We saw Frozen instead which, while it is a fantastic movie, is no Shakespeare.  I still want an Olaf and a Sven.

So I’ve been wallowing in disappointment all night.  It’s no one’s fault (I’m assuming…I know distressingly little about technology) so I’m not mad at anyone.  I’m just crossing my fingers that they’ll get a proper file for the encore performance next month.  And I am disappointed that I missed out on my regular sleep-in day because I changed my schedule in order to see this particular showing.  And everyone raving about the performance isn’t helping matters.  I plan to contact the theatre manager within the next couple of days to inquire about the encore showing.

I spent a chunk of my evening watching YouTube videos (some funny ones, but a lot of violin music), and now I have a horror movie playing as background noise.  American Mary.  Not the best horror movie around (there’s one sequence at the end that is totally unnecessary, and I still have issues with parts of the ending), but I still like the film.  I saw it first last year as part of Cineplex’s Sinister Cinema series.

My writing today was cobbling together an updated resume.  I haven’t done it in over a year, and while I have no immediate plans for looking for a new job, I like having an up-to-date resume (or as close to it as possible) handy.  And after a disappointing, Shakespeare-less evening, all I really want to do is curl up with my Pinkie Pie plushie and read.   Being creative is one of the last things I want to do today.

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