Day Thirty-One: Back in the Saddle

Horror movies as background noise seem to work quite well for my creative process.  Should I be worried?  Eh, nah.  Today’s choice is House at the End of the Street with the lovely Jennifer Lawrence.

So I’m back at actually writing.  Working on the Trickster thing some more.  Blah, blah, blah.  Honestly, I was mostly just trying to get the work done so I can return to Shakespearean stuff.

I also have some Shakespeare-ness planned for Sunday.  I picked up Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing today.  This will be my first Shakespearean comedy.  Sort of.  I saw the movie version of Midsummer Night’s Dream once a long time ago, before I’d ever studied Shakespeare in class, and I basically spent the entire time wondering who everyone was, and why the one guy was turning into a donkey.  So I think I’m gonna go read Much for a little while.  Get a sense of who everyone is before I watch the movie on Sunday.

(Y’know, the only good thing about the Coriolanus cancellation yesterday is it gives me three more weeks to finish the play.)

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