Days Thirty-Two and Thirty-Three: Hamlet and Horror Movies

Yesterday…yeah, I was tired yesterday.  I got my writing done and went to bed.  I did a little character work (I’m branching out to explore the second main character now) and then did a little more writing on the prologue-thing.

Today, I watched Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, and then I had a good laugh at all the American racists losing their marbles over a Coca-Cola commercial (which I still haven’t seen, but I already love.)  I mean, really, I’m Canadian, and I know the American national anthem is not “America, the Beautiful.”  Anyway…that was good for a giggle or six.

And then I put on another horror movie (The Woman in Black this time, with Daniel Radcliffe.)  I think horror movies as background noise are really something I need to pursue, because my hour of writing keeps going by so easily.  And boy oh boy, do I have a lot of horror movies to pick from.

Today, I finished up the prologue thing.  I’m not sure how much of it will change when I write the actual piece (there were a lot of lines from the short word burble that I did the other week that I really enjoyed, but that didn’t make it into this new version.)  But I did realize that the Trickster probably wouldn’t be loyal to the Unseelie King.  He’d likely be an independent agent who owes loyalty to no one, but the Unseelie King enjoys his antics.  And I think the main body of the plot is starting to come together now.  Maybe.  I need to mull over it a little more.

I think tomorrow I’ll be working on that second main character some more.  I’m already liking her.  She’s…sassy is the wrong word, but she doesn’t take things lying down.  She’ll snap back.  So (in my head, anyway) she’s working out really well against the Trickster.  She’s the sort to let him go off on a rant or whatever, just stand there and let it all roll off of her, and then shrug and say “So?” when he’s done.  Could be fun.  I see the Trickster doing his best to push her, to get a reaction out of her.

Anyway, I’m going to go finish this movie.  It’s just getting to the good part, anyway.

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