Day Thirty-Four: Winter Blahs?

I’ve been so tired lately, and I’m not entirely sure why.  Maybe it’s just because it’s late-winter, and my body’s tired of it. 

Yesterday was an evening of character- and world-building.  I’d water to work on the other main character, and while I did jot down a couple of notes about her, I wound up spend in more time on the Trickster (he’s turning into quite the demanding character) and figuring out which species populate his world. 

And they have names now!  The Trickster’s common name is Dassyr, and the other character is Melia (which my phone really wants to correct to “Daddy” and “Melina.”)  I just haven’t decided if Melia ( who has suffered extensive memory loss by yhe time we meet her) remembers her name is Melia, or if someone gives her that name.

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