Day Thirty-Five: Crafting a Faerie Queen

I think one of my favourite recurring characters is the Faerie Queen.

Not just because I have a deep fascination for the Celtic pantheon.  But even just as a character archetype (and I’m using that term loosely here) she’s fun.

For starters, there are several spirits that have been labelled as “faerie queens.”  They’re all (or almost all) former goddesses who could not be tamed into Christian Saints.  They are lively, opinionated, half-wild spirits, and each one has her own attributes (though fertility comes up with a few of them.)  And I can choose to base my Faerie Queen on one, a couple, all, or parts of some/all of the Queens of folklore.  Which allows me to better fit her character into my plot.

I think crafting my own Faerie Queen will work well against Dassyr.  But I’m now thinking that I need to work her into more than the prologue.  As it stands now, she escapes the castle when the djinni attack, so perhaps she seeks sanctuary in the Unseelie court, and she gets involved in Dassyr’s mission.  I think she needs a cloak that renders the wearer invisible.  I’d first thought that Dassyr had stolen the cloak, and he uses it on his mission, but now I’m thinking that maybe she lends the cloak to him, because the Unseelie King convinces her to.

Ooh, that would give her some expectation of profit from Dassyr’s mission…hmmm…yes, I’m liking this idea.

Let’s see, what else do I need to do: research djinni and develop mine; develop my Unseelie King and his court; develop the other courts in Dassyr’s world, and determine how many of them will be directly involved in the plot; develop Melia’s world; plot, plot, plot.  Hmm.  Lots to do, lots to do.

The good news is Dassyr’s becoming a less-annoying voice in my head.  Whether that’s because he’s happy that I’m working on this project, or because he’s already bored with me, I’m not sure.  I’m just glad I can go to work and not have him always lurking right there.  Supremely annoying when he’s there, because he has pretty much nothing to do with my job.  Damn Trickster.  Last time I place a Trickster-type as a main character.

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