Cookies and Classical Music

The power keeps shorting out to the house, because I have the oven and TV on at the same time, and then the furnace kicks on.

So no Criminal Minds rerun for me, because I need to bake these cookies before I eat all the dough (it’s vegan, so no eggs.)  It’s good.  Peanut butter banana.  Yum.

Honestly, the show was just background noise.  It’s an episode I’ve seen already, and even though I really enjoyed it, I’ll survive not seeing it again tonight (now, if I miss the 200th episode in half an hour, I’ll be one unhappy cupcake.)  But I need background noise.  I know I’ve mentioned it a few times on this blog.  So I’ve got classical music (Beethoven played by David Garrett, specifically) playing on my phone.

I go crazy in silence.  My mind wanders at the slightest thing.  I was terrible at test-taking in school because it was so quiet.  Why they couldn’t play a little classical music, I dunno…classical music is good for the developing brain.

I’m pretty sure it started when I was a kid.  When my sister and I were really little, we had a hard time getting to sleep.  Mom would play music for us, and we’d konk right out.  To this day, I sleep with the radio playing, and I have a hard time sleeping in hotel rooms.  When we were in Newfoundland this past summer, I’d play music on my phone as quietly as I could, so I wouldn’t bother anyone else in the house. 

Mom also played music while I was work in on homework.  Not classical stuff, as I was too young yet to really appreciate it. 

When I worked as a kennel tech at a pet store, I’d bring music (I quickly fell in love with my first MP3 player, because I didn’t have to haul around CDs. )

Even now at my current job, I go a little loopy when I don’t have music (which reminds me, my MP3 player needs charging tonight.)

TV shows and movies work okay as background noise, but only if I’ve seen them before.  New stuff is too distracting.  But even still, shows can be a little distracting.  I’m still curious as to why horror movies seem to work better than other genres.  And it’s not just because horror films are formulaic.  I watch a lot of formulaic shows.  Criminal Minds being the perennial favourite.

But there’s something about music that just lets me work.  I think it’s the structure of the music that provides the framework my mind needs to focus.  Or the music provides a better distraction for that skittery part of my brain that always follows tangents, but because it doesn’t have a visual component, it can’t distract me physically.

I don’t know, but there it is.  Music keeps me from losing my mind.  Completely, anyway.  I’m still a fiction writer.

And for the record, the cookies are tasty.  Soft and chewy (might get a bit of a crust once they’re completely cooled) and a lot of banana flavour.  Which isn’t surprising, as I used a whole banana instead of half, and we had very little peanut butter left.

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1 Response to Cookies and Classical Music

  1. superlion22 says:

    the same like you ……no sound no work

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