Tardy Post is Tardy

So this is to catch up on…three days’ worth?  Yikes.

It’s been a lot more planning.  A couple days on the Faerie Queen.  I think, like the Trickster, she’ll be my own creation, but inspired by Aine and Aynia (holy hell, my phone hates that name) who are two Faerie Queen spirits/former goddesses.  They not only are a natural pair (possibly two facets of the same goddess) but between them they hold most of the attributes my Faerie Queen needs.  I have a pretty good picture of her now, but I still have to decide if Aine and Aynia will be two of her common names, or if I’ll call her something else

I’ve decided to stay away from Maeve, even though she’s easily one of the most well-known Faerie Queens.  I have the Faerie Queen coming into the Deirdre/Evan world at least once, so I want different characters for the two worlds.  That Queen is Maeve.  Not just based on her…I’ve been reading everything about her that I can he my hands on in order to craft the truest version of her that I can.

And then I spent last night writing out plot cards (maybe I’ll write more about those this weekend.)  I have a number of scenes rattling around in my head, and they’re starting to piece together, so I figured I should get them down before they disappear.

So that’s basically been the last few days.  I’ll admit, I think I’ve just about exhausted my current pool of ideas for this storyline.  Which while that sounds bad, really is not.  I still have to type out the other 99% of Draft #3.  As much as I hate tedious work, it must get done.  I’ll put the Trickster aside for a while, and come back to it when I have some fresh ideas.

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