Days Thirty-Nine and Forty: Catch-Up Day

Still more story planning.  Some plot cards, some character stuff, some developing a funky tree/ivy/thing essential to the plot.

And oddly enough, I could name nine Rusalka characters, who I hadn’t even thought to add until last night, within about ten minutes, and I’m still struggling to name the antagonist in another story I’ve been working on for…nearly a year now, I think.  Go figure.  Anyway, Dassyr now has a pack of nine cousins, and I think they’ll be making friends with Malia.

Since I’ve already finished today’s hour of work, I can catch up on some other things.  I have a couple of blog postings that I’d like to get up, plus I’ve been slacking on researching writing contests.  And on a few other things, like laundry and TV shows.  I also have some work to do for my mom…I’ve landed by first real-life, paying writing job, heading the marketing and communications for her new store 🙂  It really kicks in on the 24th, so I’m excited!

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1 Response to Days Thirty-Nine and Forty: Catch-Up Day

  1. msloftis says:

    Who are the characters in my story…..I’m still working on that.

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