Day Forty-One: Back to Shamans

Well, shaman.  Singular.

(I’m tired, so I apologize if nothing in this post makes much sense.)

Dassyr left me alone today.  Maybe he’s satisfied that I’ve gotten down everything that’s currently in my head.  Or the fact that I spent my evening cleaning bored him to tears (I’m voting for the latter.)

So I decided to get Evan and Deirdre back into my head.  I’ve found my binder with Draft #2 in it, so I can move on to that once I’ve gotten through Draft #2.5.  But I didn’t work on rewriting today.  As tired as I am, I just would have gotten cranky and wandered off to Youtube.  So I just started typing out a scene that will happen in a later story line.  Or some version of it will happen later.  Anyway.  It turned out to be 99% dialogue, but the good news is that the dialogue between Evan and Deirdre still comes easily.  Which is good news because they’ll spend a lot of time talking.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back on the rewriting train.

An electrician comes tomorrow.  Here’s hoping he can fix whatever’s wrong with the house, so the power won’t go out when I turn on the goddamn kettle.  Which is exactly what happened twice tonight.  It’s cold.  I need my hot chocolate 😦

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