Day Forty-Three: Plugging Away…Still…

Ah, rewriting.

Sucky, sucky, sucky.

But tedium is an important part of any job.  In my paid gig, I have to stand around while at least one person a day decides to actively ignore me.  In my creative work, I have to rewrite the stupid manuscript.  So it has to get done.  And until I can make a programmable/mind-controlled clone/robot to do all the tedious work for me, I have to do all the work.  (And frankly, I’d never want to submit Draft #2 to a publisher.  Egads, it’s rough.  Not as rough as Draft #1, which is missing a whole scene, and one character’s name changes partway through, and another character’s eyes change colour between two of her appearances, and the town doesn’t even have a freakin’ name, and several other assorted literary horrors.)

Why did I have to write a novel?

But hey, I got my hour done fairly early in the evening, so now I get to curl up with some chocolate and TV.  Even though there’s no new episode of Criminal Minds tonight 😦  (Which, honestly, is worse than rewriting.  Sad sad.)

AND I GET TO SLEEP IN TOMORROW!!! (I am not a morning person, so this is a very, very big deal.)

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