Day Fifty: A Milestone? Maybe.

Yesterday was Day Fifty!  Huzzah!  Kind of a milestone, right?

Anyway…more rewriting.  Yay.  (Kill me now.)  I’m at the tedious-but-necessary part.  Tedious, because it’s a phone interview.  Necessary, because if this phone interview doesn’t happen, Evan doesn’t get pulled into the plot, and the story goes nowhere.  So I have to suck it up and finish it.  Even though I’d really rather wax my entire body.

The cat is driving me up the wall.  Mom’s out of town, and has been for a week, so the cat is both pissed off and lonely.  And I’m the only one she can howl at.  Usually, she can split her annoying-ness between the two of us, but since there’s only me…

I can’t wait until Mom gets home.

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