Catching Up

Right…so turns out I know next to nothing about technology.  Which really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.  I’d forgotten that the WiFi router doesn’t like being unplugged from a computer.  But that means I have internet again, so yay!

I’ve spent the last couple of days working on the lovely Draft #3 and hating rewriting more and more.  And also discovering that I was really bad at axing adverbs.  I found four on one page.  FOUR.  On a page that had absolutely no editorial marks at all.  I think I was half-asleep when I edited that day.

Today, though…I spent my time working on some drafts for my mom’s new business.  It became official yesterday (and I got to spend a good chunk of my evening in a conference room filled with crystals.  Heaven.)  Now I really have to start keeping track of my hours, as I’m just a freelancer.  And figure out a rate.  I found out that the woman who was (poorly) doing one small part of the job Mom’s tasking me with was charging the previous owners $50 an hour.  Somehow, I don’t think Mom will go for that rate.  (I want to know how she weaseled her way into making that much…even my friend who works in the oilfield doesn’t make that much money.  And I certainly don’t make anything close to that in retail management, and that task is part of my current job.)

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