Upcoming: Three Cheers and a Tiger, Spring Mystery

Time for a contest announcement!

I’ve been slacking, I know.  But I lucked out an stumbled across this one while figuring out which contests I want to enter this year.  (I was having some trouble, since I’ve decided to stick with Canadian contests or ones with little/no fees, since many of the contests hosted by literary magazines have fees that include subscriptions, and since I don’t live in the US, the tack on an extra shipping fee that usually doubles the entry fee.)  

This one is the Three Cheers and a Tiger, a 48-hour writing contest put on my the e-zine Toasted Cheese.  It happens twice a year, and the spring round is in three weeks.

The general rules are posted here but the word count and topic will be posted at the beginning of the contest on their forum, linked on the rules page.  The spring round is always in the mystery genre.  The contest starts at 5pm EDT on March 21.  Which is about 3pm local time for me, and I’ll have just started my shift at work, but I think I’ll be attempting this one, anyway.  

There’s no entry fee, and winners earn Amazon vouchers and publication.

With a contest name like Three Cheers and a Tiger, I’m gonna have to pull together something awesome.  

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