Shakespeare Sunday

I’ve been quiet, I know.  And I’ve been failing st the whole resolution thing, too.

I’ve spent the last two weeks busy prepping my store for inventory and helping my mom set up her store for its grand opening.  I’ve been so exhausted (I’ve had one day off in the last four weeks, before today.)  And I don’t like thinking about all the rough treatment my hands have been through in the last two weeks.

But both of those events are done and gone (and both went supremely well!)  Now I can get back to writing and beading and watching movies.  I was going through a bit of withdrawal…yesterday was the first time in two weeks that I’d been to the theatre.

Or, I can return to those things after a little Shakespeare.  Today’s selection is Romeo & Juliet.  Would you believe that up until about a week ago, I still hadn’t read the play?  Most people read it in high school.  My class read Julius Caesar instead.  So I’m trying what I did with Coriolanus and read only the first three acts.  Even though I know how the story ends (who doesn’t?)  Whatever.

This is the Broadway production with Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad.  (Part of me is a little afraid that it’s been adapted into a peppy musical.)  It’s apparently recieved rave reviews, but I found out about it only because the movie theatre had a poster outside the venue.  So…we’ll see.

I did technically try to work on something new this morning, but I was watching a rerun of The Little Couple, where Jennifer for back to the US because she’s ill, leaving Will alone with their two young children to finish Zoey’s adoption.  Very tense time, as shortly after she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

UPDATE: It was amazing!  😀

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