Been a While…


Yeah, I know.  It’s been a while.  

Maybe that’s why the cat’s been scowling at me lately.  She knows I’ve been neglecting my writing and blog.  (Ha.)

Anyway, the winners of the Three Cheers and a Tiger: Spring Mysteries have been announced!  As quoted from the email I received:

Gold: “Fixies Adrift” by Lou Nell Gerard
Silver: “Wish I May, Wish I Might” by Carole Mertz
Bronze: “The Case of the Dropped Case” by D. Staats
Congrats to the winners!  Unlike the 24-Hour Writing Contest (which I just realized, I missed the last round on Saturday, damn) there were no links to the winning pieces.  If I get the chance, I’ll skim the Toasted Cheese forums to see if the authors posted their entries for review.
Anyway, I’ve been keeping pretty busy.  As you know, I’ve started doing some freelance work for my mom, and I realized afterward that I’d better get my ducks in a row for the taxman.  Especially since I’m now working on opening up an Etsy shop to sell jewelry.  Aside from making more stock (and taking pictures…I need to take pictures…) most of that’s on hold until I can get the banking situation sorted out.  I’ll probably blog a little more about it when I’ve got some more of this figured out (I can’t seem to manage to read the Bookkeeping for Canadians for Dummies for more than a couple minutes at a time…)
I’m also experimenting with fixing my natural sleep cycle.  My intro psych instructor said consuming caffeine after 2pm messes with your natural sleep rhythms.  So I’ve been avoiding caffeine after 2pm.  I’m also basically limiting myself to one caffeinated drink a day, even if it does fit in before 2pm.  And I’m turning into a morning person.  I still hit a wall mid-afternoon like I did when I was hopped up on caffeine, but I’m crashing for good around 10pm.   But I think the best part is that I tend to sleep for roughly eight hours, no matter what time I go to bed.  Which means I wake up at 6am most mornings.  Which is okay, as that gives me an extra two hours to laze about in bed before I have to move it.
And since I learned today that getting up early means I get to watch a couple of episodes of The Red Green Show, I might just move my daily hour of writing to first thing in the morning.  And then that way I get it done early, and I’m less likely to skip it because I’m tired from work.  Especially since I’ve been training new staff, and so tasks at work have been piling up.  That’s the theory, anyway.
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