Coconut Oil and General Ledgers

Be careful with coconut oil candles, folks.

I bought one recently.  It smelled fabulous and seemed to burn cleaner than wax candles.  You can even get ones that do double-duty as massage oil (this one had black colouring in it, so I wasn’t about to start smearing it on my skin.)

The problems start when you’re clumsy like me a drop the unlit-but-melted candle.  It hit the table first, and then the floor.

It looked like I’d gone a few rounds with a black-blooded alien.  (But I had some nifty spatter patterns to study.)  Turns out getting coconut oil out of carpet isn’t hard, but I had to throw out a pile of my handwritten papers, because they were covered in oil.  And it’s not like beeswax, which will harden up and you can just scrape off.  Coconut oil will soak into other papers and ruin everything.  Sad.

Other than that, I’m still going cross-eyed over all this accounting business.  I think I have a handle on journals, but now I need to tackle the general ledger.  I so thought I’d had that one figured out, but then I read another chapter, and I get so confused.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is mastering this stuff so I can stick it on my resume.

I really want to get this stuff sorted out before I really kick my freelance and jewelry stuff into gear.  Fewer receipts and invoices to manage now.  Maybe I’ll get a better handle on this stuff when I’m not working an extra 10 hours a week at the store.  Soon…soon…

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