Halfway (Ish) Recalibration

Okay, so my resolutions went off the rails a bit. (Fine, a LOT.)   But to be honest, at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t really expecting to take this whole freelance thing so seriously.

And it’s kind of scary right now.  Everything’s so up in the air.  It hasn’t quite started yet, so I have no idea where anything is going.  It could be great and I’ll make some decent money at it, get some experience, and finally move away from retail.  Or it could putter out and I’ll have ordered a pile of business cards for nothing.  And I still haven’t deciphered the General Ledger business yet.  Add in the fact that my store is losing two employees over the next couple of months, meaning major upheaval, and that I’m working at moving out on my own, and there are just too many little info-rats running around in my head.  Too many things to worry about.  Being an adult is hard.


I’m also having one of those cluttered desk/cluttered mind moments.  Everything is everywhere, but when I try to organize, I just wind up shuffling a few things around, and nothing really changes.  Because there’s nowhere to put things.  Because I’ve taken over the dining room table as my work space (I have a desk in the basement, but it’s not only tiny, but I have no natural light, and it makes me buggy and I lose all sense of time passing.)  And my info-rats are just crawling all over each other, too.  I suck at compartmentalization.

Tomorrow I’m shopping for some boxes and bins and things so I can maybe instill some sense of order.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.

So the whole “resolutions” thing will be changing.  I’m going in a bit of a new direction, so I need new resolutions.  I have them started in my head, but I need to do some serious de-cluttering before I sit down to sort them out.


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