Seven Months In: Update

So we’re into August now.  I’d been plotting out some new resolutions to continue through the rest of the year, but once again, things have changed.

I landed a writing and editing job (that’s not working for my mother.)  It’s for a website that’s not up and running yet, so I’m going to be pretty busy for the next little while helping them get the content sorted.  It should be up around the end of September.  So I’ll see what my schedule is like then, and go from there.

I’m also in the process of rejigging my work space.  I’m on my way to get new knobs for my lovely, underused desk so it will have functional drawers (it has been lacking in the knob department for twenty years.)  So once I get some knobs, I might be able to finish spring it out as my writing space!  Yay!

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