Why Not? (aka A Weekend of Bad Decisions)

I was under a lot of stress for the entirety of October, and I think the stress has pickled my brain.

Because this morning, I had this brilliant thought: “NaNo starts today…I really should try it again…why not?”

Here’s a good reason why not: because Mom and I were already heading out of town for a rock and gem show (and I knew at least one vendor would be there with stone beads.)  My poor bank account.

So I was off to a rocky start.  Unlike most WriMos, I didn’t start writing at midnight.  If I had, I might have had my daily allotment done before I left the city.  But no, I didn’t decide until about nine o’clock this morning that I’d do it, and shortly after that, we hopped in the car and hit the road.

We went straight to the show.  I bought one stone today, but we’re going back tomorrow, and I plan to load up on beads.

After dinner, I retreated to my hotel room to write.  And holy man, are my writing muscles out of shape.  I haven’t been writing much fiction (and especially not long fiction) in the last few months.  So November is going to kick my butt.

However!  I did get 1677 words done.  I could have squeaked out a few more, but I don’t wanna! >.<

I’m going to go research crystals.

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