New Year, No Job, Now What?

And we’re back in action. Been a while.

Yes, I know, we’re four days into the new year. Shush.

So…yeah, I’m now unemployed. Mostly. No more “main source of income” anyway. It all went down today, and I’m still reeling a bit.

Sherlock is helping me keep that spinning part of my brain from spinning too fast.

Now I’m facing the fun/terrifying part: figuring out what to do next. This is a good opportunity to focus on my writing, maybe find a job in my field…hell, even go back to school and turn my applied bachelor’s degree into a bachelor’s degree (because apparently, I might as well have been doodling in walls for five years to get that applied bachelor’s that no one seems to recognize.) I also have a jewelry business that I’ve been wanting to get up and running, so there’s that, too.

There are just so many options, and at the end of each one is the huge possibility that it won’t pan out, and I’ll be left with no money and no options. Which is why I need Sherlock to maintain some level of sanity (as sane as a fiction writer can be, anyway.)

That said, I’m off to attempt some writing while Sherlock torments Watson in Baskerville’s basement lab.

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