Quiet, but Still Busy

I’ve been quiet here since finishing my entry for NYC Midnight (got the confirmation email a few days ago, yay!) I haven’t been slacking, just…not working on writing as much.

I also make jewelry (ages ago, I posted a picture of some bracelets) and to support my beading addiction, I’m in the process of opening an online shop for it. I also have a market in less than two weeks, and I want to get my online shop open, a Facebook page started, and possibly a beady blog started. On top of all the other prep I need to do to actually set up a market table. I’ve been playing with photo-editing apps, working on photography, pricing the huge pile of stock that I’ve already made, and building my shop. I still have to do more reading on search engine optimization. And I’m pretty sure there’s more on my list, but I’m spacing on it right now.

And sometimes I forget to do things like eat, and then I wonder why I have a raging headache.

So writing has taken a bit of a back seat…

Today, I’m making prototypes of five bracelets inspired by Deirdre (so kind of tying in to my writing?) She has a box loaded with stones that she uses in her shamanic work. So I’m making a series of bracelets with various stone chips meant to work together towards a goal/theme. I finished Prosperity earlier, and now I’m working on Romance.

Busy, busy girl. Good thing I’m basically unemployed, eh?


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