Kinda Nerdy Day


This is my new Rubik’s cube. I’m about to mix it up, so chances are good that this is the last time this cube will ever be “solved.”

We went to the local science centre today to take in the very last day of the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibit. It was pretty cool. I could have played with the giant cube all day (but there were kids waiting to try it.) Same with the music thing. The cube-solving robot was also pretty neat. And I got to watch a couple of speedcubers in action, and that was impressive.

I will never be a speedcuber. I’ll be lucky if I ever figure out how to solve it once (I had technical issues at the “solutions bar” and gave up.)

There are worse ways to spend a Monday.

Up next at the science centre: Sherlock! I’m going to have to blog about it when I go.

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