Another Contest Entry!

I was procrastinating again.

I’d decided to enter the 23rd Annual Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers by the Writers Union of Canada. It closes later today.

No set topic, just a word count limit. I’d decided to finish and polish a short story that I’d started a while back as my submission. Golden.

Except that I still haven’t finished that piece, and I have a full shift at my new job today. So I looked…and multiple submissions are accepted. I checked the NYC Midnight’s website, and I couldn’t find anything stating that I couldn’t reuse my entry elsewhere (just that I can’t use a pre-written piece.)

So I reformatted “Followed” to fit the WUC guidelines and hit Submit.

Cross your fingers!

Though I really should go work on that short story. I really like it, so I don’t want to leave it languishing.

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