Round Two Done: X-Files, Don’t Fail Me Now

So I sent in my submission for round two of NYC Midnight’s short story contest last night. With 30 minutes to spare.

I am not anywhere near as confident with this piece as I was with the first round piece. It’s the genre I’m really worried about. Sci-fi is…not my thing. I don’t read it. I barely watch movies with it. I don’t know the rules and tropes of the genre. I grew up obsessed with The X-Files, so I had to rely on that.

What I’m really worried about is that the judges will view it as not sci-fi enough. And also that I relied very heavily on dialogue and was sporadic with description in certain areas. But I didn’t have the word count wiggle room to flesh out those descriptions.

I am so tired that I thought I’d posted this hours ago. Ugh.

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