It’s Coming…

NaNo is sixty days away.

And because I am a true masochist, I’m going for it again. Even though I’ve been busy with…everything.

This year’s project is going to be my revamp of the Cinderella story. It’s the only thing I have beaten into some semblance of shape that I haven’t really started writing yet. I’m just stuck on how to work the climax. It’s something I do want to figure out before I sit down to write, as that’s one of my failings: I hit a gap in the plot, get stuck, get frustrated, and give up. It’s easy enough to fudge small scenes, or even skip over them, while writing a first draft. But the climax? That’s kind of an important bit.

So this year is going to be an experiment in time management. Moreso than other years. One of the things keeping me hopping has been my new jewelry business. Between sourcing materials, developing new designs, making products, fussing with photographs, building a social media presence, and working markets, it’s taking up a lot of my time. (And that’s not including the bookkeeping, which I really need to figure out.) And since this is my baby, it doesn’t have a set schedule. I don’t finish working when I clock out. There is no clocking out, and really, no “finishing.” There’s always a dozen things that need doing. And NaNo is rolling into prime holiday territory. (As much as I hate thinking about winter holidays before Halloween, I need to now.)

I’m going to have to figure out how to work the demands on NaNo around that. Maybe I’ll have to work with timers…an hour of writing, an hour of jewelry stuff, an hour of being a blob, rinse, repeat.

At least I’m done with the coffee place. I’m now working the early morning stock chew at a book store (my bank account hates me) and that shouldn’t ramp up until December. I hope.

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