The days are already going by too quickly.

But I made a little progress, I think. I’m about ready to start scribbling the scenes onto recipe cards. Maybe tomorrow. Today started with Ever After, but I didn’t write anything until after I went to bed. I didn’t have much to write until then anyway (but I did have lots of jewelry stuff to do.)

I think I have a climax. I’m not sure I like it yet, but at the moment, it works for most of my loose ends. Maybe. I’m still deciding.

And I figured out an explanation for some logistics problems. Let’s hear it for fae magic, for giving me the leeway to craft their magic in a way that works for me.

Most of the characters still need names. Like the prince. The countries, too. I suppose I should get that sorted before NaNo starts, too.

My jewelry business is keeping me plenty busy, as usual. I’ve been juggling making more Halloween items that I’d planned to make but hadn’t gotten to (I needed supplies for some,) and uploading finished items to my newly-expanded shop. My big update, with all the items uploaded in one fell swoop, just didn’t happen, but I’m kind of liking going item-by-item for the time being. Not quite as exhausting.

I really need to learn more about how to edit photos. Some of mine are good, but others are…sketchy. Just something else to add to my list.

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