Daily Divulge: Ugh, Antsy

So this is a new feature I’m trying for the blog. Just a little, almost stream-of-consciousness update, to keep me coming back to this blog.

I can’t promise any of these will be clever, but I will do my best to keep them coherent.

Today is the first official day of my new schedule. I have an allotment of daily tasks, and then a few weekly tasks mixed in. It’s what I hope will be the driving force to getting my life in order.

At the moment, I’m about ready to crawl out of my skin. I want to write, but I’ve already written my words for the day. In fact, once I’m done this post, I will have only two things left on my list: practice Greek and physio exercises. And all I want to do is write. But that’s been my problem lately, why I am doing the new schedules. Because I get settled into writing and then get nothing else done.

I suppose I should be smart and work on other things. I’m slogging away through yet another first draft. I suppose I could work on editing a different text, or scribble down notes for further consideration on this text. That might satisfy the urge, right? (Probably not. I want to keep pushing with these characters.)

Midnight! I need you!

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