Daily Divulge: Oops.

Missed a couple of days. I know. It’s so hot this week, I can’t focus on anything except not sweating to death. I wound up hauling my laptop down to the basement in order to get some work done, because I was just taking fitful, sweaty naps on the couch upstairs.

And it’s just supposed to get hotter this weekend. AND we have inventory at the bookstore on Sunday. I may pass out. (But we’re also hoping that management will finally realize that we’re not just being delicate snowflakes when we complain of how it gets inhumanly hot in the store when we’re working at night.)

One bonus to moving back down to the basement: I found my old book of story ideas! I started it back in college, and it’s been missing for several years. I kept trying to start a new one, but I always seem to lose it, too. I’ve been flipping through the old one. So many of these things, I’ve forgotten about them completely.

Anyway. I’ve been keeping up with my daily writing, if nothing else. Fell a teensy bit short yesterday, but made up for it today. Now I need to get my laptop’s cord so I can work on other things. And crank some tunes, because this basement is quiet.

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