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The days are already going by too quickly. But I made a little progress, I think. I’m about ready to start scribbling the scenes onto recipe cards. Maybe tomorrow. Today started with Ever After, but I didn’t write anything until … Continue reading

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It’s Coming…

NaNo is sixty days away. And because I am a true masochist, I’m going for it again. Even though I’ve been busy with…everything. This year’s project is going to be my revamp of the Cinderella story. It’s the only thing … Continue reading

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Days Thirty-Nine and Forty: Catch-Up Day

Still more story planning.  Some plot cards, some character stuff, some developing a funky tree/ivy/thing essential to the plot. And oddly enough, I could name nine Rusalka characters, who I hadn’t even thought to add until last night, within about … Continue reading

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Day Thirty-Five: Crafting a Faerie Queen

I think one of my favourite recurring characters is the Faerie Queen. Not just because I have a deep fascination for the Celtic pantheon.  But even just as a character archetype (and I’m using that term loosely here) she’s fun. … Continue reading

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Days Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight: He’s Clue-ing for Looks!

I was too tired to update last night.  I stayed up stupidly-late watching the first two episodes of Sherlock, and drunk Sherlock is the funniest thing.  So my hour of “writing” yesterday was mostly just watching Sherlock stumble around drunk … Continue reading

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Day Sixteen: Fitting the Work In

Time for another quick post!  Because I have to leave for work right away. Today’s writing kind of got crammed in between sleeping in (fabulous, even though I woke up from my dream right before I got to eat the … Continue reading

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