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The days are already going by too quickly. But I made a little progress, I think. I’m about ready to start scribbling the scenes onto recipe cards. Maybe tomorrow. Today started with Ever After, but I didn’t write anything until … Continue reading

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It’s Coming…

NaNo is sixty days away. And because I am a true masochist, I’m going for it again. Even though I’ve been busy with…everything. This year’s project is going to be my revamp of the Cinderella story. It’s the only thing … Continue reading

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Update: Considering Amputation

I have to scrap my Camp NaNoWriMo plans. Not just because I’m overwhelmed in terms of time (I am,) but because I’m now playing with a new idea for the novel. One of the nagging problems I’ve had with the … Continue reading

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Writing Contest Progress: Look Who’s Come Out to Play!

Three Cheers and a Tiger started last night. At first, I was struggling to come up with a story idea to suit the topic, but I’ve decided that Dassyr needs to come out to play.  Took him a little convincing, … Continue reading

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Day Sixty-Three: Digging Through Old Treasure

I love going through my old papers. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to handwritten stuff.  I don’t like throwing things away, especially if I haven’t taken the time to copy the text into a computer file. … Continue reading

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Day Sixty-Two: Reacquainting with the Short Story

It’s been so long since I’ve worked with short stories. They’re an entirely different creature than the novel.  I’m used to having all the space I desire in which to stretch out, to play with the characters, to work with … Continue reading

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Day Twenty-Five: Tricksters and Hips

Yeah, so I shouldn’t have let that Trickster take up residence in my head yesterday.  Usually when an idea gets its hooks in, I can satisfy it with a little word doodle, and return to other projects.  Not this guy. … Continue reading

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